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Google has managed to index your page correctly. All clear? check site indexing thanks to Google operators Google operators represent a very interesting tool. If you want to query the search engine for specific purposes, exactly like in this case, you absolutely have to go and see them. Here you will find the official reference. Use internal links to make your site indexed better and more easily index the site better with internal links To index a site, internal links are very important, because they help the crawler to navigate your site thoroughly and to discover the pages to be indexed sooner and more easily.

How I  use links to help the crawler index my site

I personally add links Brazil Phone Number Data to each new article pointing to previously written articles, and I often go back to old articles to add new ones. There are several discussions about this practice. Are automatic links better , perhaps managed with a plugin, or manual ones? In my opinion, internal links are always best inserted contextually and manually. Google , on the subject of internal links , says to “avoid too many keywords ” How to index a site: Google guidelines on internal links This suggests that always linking to the same word is not a correct practice. But then what about Wikipedia ? internal links and indexing.

As you can see with your own eyes,

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Wikipedia inserts a link Albania mobile phone number list every time the same word.  With an exact match appears and it seems clear to me that Google doesn’t have.  Big problems indexing all those pages, right? In addition to better indexing the site. Internal links help you tell it In my opinion it is simply.  A question of strategy and I don’t think that any algorithmic penalty of this type exists today . Leaving aside for a second the desire to index the site as best as possible, working manually with links allows us to link words. Synonyms and entire sentences so as to help and encourage . Google ‘s learning towards the themes and topics covered. Remember that the more Mister G understands how much your work is worth, the more he will reward you by bringing you traffic. Not a small thing, in short. Try to link as deeply as you can You don’t have to index just the homepage ! Therefore, avoid sending all the links to the homepage because it will most likely not be of any use to you.


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