Use Inspiring Visuals

 You may have noticed that social media is all about visuals these days. This is especially true for college students: % of young adults aged 1-2 use , and % of Snapchat’s 100 million users are under the age of 3. This makes the “digital version of the university brochure”. A good image will make your school more attractive to new students, which is one of the main goals of colleges on social media. So, what does a good image look like? Georgetown University is a great example. How Georgetown University Does It School Social Media Strategy Georgetown Georgetown University’s content has a good balance of academics (debates and guest lecturers), practical images (BBQs and social events), and photos of the beautiful campus (see above).

Followers can gain a full understanding of student life.

The account also shares special moments that are unique to Georgetown: School Social Media Strategy – Georgetown – Unique As a result, Georgetown has the highest fan engagement. Its content has the most likes, shares and comments per 1,000 people Job Function or Professional Person and Industry Email List at any US university. Do it yourself Focus on the things that make your school unique. These may include: Beautiful scenery and architecture Events such as concerts, graduation ceremonies, or fairs Special guests Unique characters on campus Have students take photos of what the school means to them. Their favorite aspects of campus life may be very different from yours.

Job Function or Professional Person and Industry Email List

Or just go with Pokémon:

School Social Media Strategy Georgetown. Pokémon Interdepartmental Collaboration One trap schools can easily fall into is keeping everything too separate. While it’s great to have separate accounts for all entities and departments in your school. You need to communicate as a whole . Clemson is great at this. How Clemson Did It Clemson has different Afghanistan mobile phone number list descriptions for a variety of things (football, basketball, track, women’s track, college, etc.). These accounts share stories and celebrate each other’s successes. Generator LinkedIn. Tags Generator LinkedIn Summary Generator LinkedIn Video Downloader Mentions Table of Contents Inspiring visuals. How Georgetown does it Interdepartmental collaboration. How Clemson does it Become a thought leader How MIT does it Now put them all together → Summary.


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